Business Information

Your full legal name and job title.
The name and phone number of your business.
The physical address of your warehouse. Your information is private until a booking is accepted.

Warehouse Details

Days of the week that your warehouse is open. Add or remove days as needed.
Hours of the day your warehouse operates.
Hours of the day your warehouse dock is open.
The latest time your warehouse can process a same day order.
Square Feet
The total size of your warehouse in square feet.
The total number of empty pallet spaces in your warehouse.
If you have racking, what is the maximum height in inches of a pallet that can be racked?
Select one or many features of your facility (optional).
Please upload images that show the inside and outside of your property.

Hold CTRL to select multiple images.

Warehouse Services

How long does it take you to receive and putaway inbound product?
How much advance notice do you need for an outbound order?
How far in advance do customers need to request an appointment at your warehouse?
Do customers need to schedule an appointment for inbound and/or outbound orders?
Who is the point of contact for inbound orders? Flowspace or the transportation carrier may need to call this person to schedule the truck.
Select one or many services that your facility offers (optional).
Select "Yes" if another company can operate out of your warehouse, provided that they have the appropriate insurance, pass a background check, and sign the appropriate documents.

Select "No" if only your employees can work out of your facility.

Select "Maybe" if you are open to the idea but want more information.

Confirm Access

You indicated that you are open to allowing a customer to operate in a dedicated space in your warehouse. In this arrangement, you grant access to a pre-set amount of empty space where the customer can operate.

In allowing access, Flowspace takes care of the following:

  • We validate that your Customer’s insurance policy adds your location as an "Additional Insured"
  • Criminal Background Check of Customer
  • Easy-to-understand Rental Agreement
  • Payment Processing – You will get guaranteed payment on the first of the month

Flowspace takes a commission of 20% of the monthly rental amount.

Do you approve of customer access to your facility?

Customer Access Details

Square Feet
How many empty square feet will you rent in your facility for a customer to operate in?
Select "Yes" if there is a wall or fence separating the customer's area from your operating area.

Select "No" if the area the customer will operate in is joined with your operating area.
Average price per sq. ft. in your area is $0.84
How much will you charge per square foot per month for a customer to access and operate in this space?
Select one or many features of your facility that a customer will have access to (optional).

Pricing Details


The price to store a standard, single-stacked pallet for one month (assume pallets are ambient-temperature, 40"x48"x60").
The price to store a standard pallet that can be double-stacked for one month.
The price to store a standard pallet that can be triple-stacked for one month.


When a pallet moves in or out of your warehouse, what is the handling price to move the pallet?
For a wholesale order, what is your cost to pick or handle a case or carton?
For an e-commerce order, what is your cost to pick or handle a single item?


What you charge to unload a loose-loaded 20 foot and 40 foot container.
For a wholesale order, what is your cost to apply a label to the case or carton?
For products that need palletized, or need a new pallet, what is your cost for a new pallet?
What is your fee to stretch wrap a pallet?
For any manual work that needs performed, what is your general hourly labor fee? (Approximate)
If you charge a fee for any outbound order shipped, please list your fee (most warehouses do not).