For Those Extra Special Products

When you have those creative products that need assembly, Flowspace knows what it takes to make sure your projects get assembled and shipped on time, every time.

Your Special Projects Matter

Kitting and Subscription Boxes

Whether you're assembling furniture or subscription boxes, Flowspace has a network of certified warehouses specialized in assembling pretty much any special project.

Month to Month Pricing

Say goodbye to lengthy lease agreements and say hello to warehousing when you want. Whether one month or one year, it's almost like you own the place.

Low Minimums

Whether you have a shoebox full of miniature trucks or a truck full of shoes, we'll give your product a place to stay until the sale is made.

No Surprise Fees

Flowspace ensures you'll never be stuck with surprise fees or confusing charges. Phew! Now you can focus less on your budget and more on your business.

You Take Care of Selling It, We'll Take Care of the Rest

Flowspace handles all of your storage and kitting in the same location, and with our network of more than 1000 certified warehouses who specialize in assembling custom kits, we'll find the one that meets your specific needs. As well, we can handle kitting needs in mulitple warehouse locations nationwide to lower your shipping costs to customers around the country.

Shopify and Amazon Seller Central Integration

Flowspace integrates with the platforms you are already using, giving you peace of mind knowing we're taking care of the hard stuff. Flowspace's system completes the warehousing, assembly, and shipping of your special projects so you can focus on what really matters.

Free and Easy Quote

Flowspace offers a free inventory system with a modern, user-friendly interface that makes managing the flow of your goods as easy as a single click.

All it takes is a few simple steps to see the best warehouse storage in your area.

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